Institutional Chemical Safety Committee Policy and Procedures

Office of Primary Responsibility:                                              Subject:

Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement                     Institutional Chemical Safety Committee


1.0 Purpose

To ensure that protocols in research and teaching conform with the proper guidelines and regulations associated with the handling of toxic/hazardous chemicals and carcinogens and provide assurance that activities at the University of Massachusetts Amherst do not present unacceptable risks to the health or safety of faculty, staff, students, visitors and the local community.

2.0 Policy

The Institutional Chemical Safety Committee [ICSC] is the principal campus committee charged with advising on matters that relate to the safe use of chemicals on campus with a focus on research laboratories.  Policies and procedures related to personnel safety, equipment, and operations, are to be addressed along with educational programs designated to promote safety awareness and safe practices. Committee recommendations are forwarded in writing to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement for necessary action.

3.0 Procedure

3.1  The ICSC advises Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and approves chemical use protocols, guidelines describing standard procedures and practices for the use of hazardous chemicals.

3.2  The ICSC members and its chairperson are appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement (VCRE). The committee meets as required but no less than once each 3 months on a date established by the chairperson. A quorum will be 5 members (which must include the chairperson, EHS, and 3 other members). Minutes are shared with the VCRE.

3.3  Committee membership for the present includes chairperson, the director of EHS or designee, the VCRE or designee, Facilities and Campus Planning or designee, Department of chemistry, IALS.

3.4  Meetings of the committee will be called by the chairperson at any time to consider a request by the investigator, or person of similar responsible position, for permission to possess and use extremely toxic and hazardous chemicals, and as may be required by statutory or mandated regulations to consider changes in policies and operations of the committee or for any other matter within the scope of the committee. Minutes of all activities of the committee will be maintained and approved at meetings of the ICSC.

3.5  The ICSC reviews and approves programs and procedures that establish requirements for anyone requesting to use hazardous chemicals.

3.6  The ICSC approves standard procedures and guidelines relating to chemical hazards. The committee may also recommend necessary consultation and educational (training) activities to assist the departments in the performance of safe techniques and procedures to assure an awareness of ICSC review requirements.

3.7  The ICSC reviews and approves systematic procedures to assure that all activities that involve any chemical usage on the Amherst campus and/or its associated facilities used in lab-based teaching and research activities are identified and properly reviewed.

3.8  The ICSC reviews monitoring reports related to its area of concern to determine if additional or amended institutional policies, guidelines or procedures are needed.



Rev. 5/23/2022

Approved by ICSC: September 8, 2016