Close requests

Close requests must be submitted upon completion of the study. Studies would be considered eligible for closure once the following is complete:

  • enrollment of subjects is closed, and subjects have completed all research-related interventions, and
  • data collection is complete, and
  • data are de-identified*, for example data are being maintained in such a way that identifiers are separated from the coding system, or data is in a secure location, and
  • there is no additional research beyond the original intent planned for these data.

*For the purposes of submitting the IRB close request, the study will be considered complete if only data analysis using de-identified data remains. If identifiers remain on the data, researchers must request continuing review.

Note that it is the continued responsibility of the research team to maintain the confidentiality of the data. Please complete a close request form and submit it In Kuali so the study file may be closed.