Guidance to Researchers Involved in International Collaborations

Foreign Influence Disclosure Guidance

The following contacts are available to provide guidance to researchers involved in international collaborations. If you are unclear on the best approach, please contact the Office of Research Compliance at (413) 545-5283 or

Office Key Point of Contact Confer in case of:
Office of Pre-Award Services (OPAS) Kristy Reese, Director
(413) 545-0699
  • Proposals for grants/contracts/subcontracts including w/ foreign governments and agencies
  • Proposed effort commitments
Office of Post-Award Management (OPAM)

Alene Denson, Director
(404) 771-2881

  • Grants/contracts/subcontracts, including w/ foreign governments and agencies
  • Effort commitments/obligations
Office of Research Compliance (ORC)

Heather Hermann, Director of Research Risk
(413) 545-9441

  • Conflict of Interest/Conflict of Commitment disclosure
  • Foreign engagement analysis
Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

Burnley Jaklevic, Director
(413) 577-0651

  • Disclosure of potential invention or IP
  • Use of university name or trademark
  • Use, acceptance, or transfer of proprietary information or materials
International Programs Office

Andrea Campbell Drake, Director of Health Safety and Security
(413) 545-4350

  • International Travel guidance
  • Study Abroad Programs
International Scholars & Students

Kenneth Reade, Director, International Student and Scholar Services
(413) 545-5251

  • Hosting international staff/students
  • Hosting foreign visitors/researchers
  • Visa & Immigration questions
IT Security & Compliance

Matthew Dalton, Chief Information Security Officer
(413) 545-4475

  • Data theft/Information Security incident
  • IT Risk & Security Assessments
  • Loaner equipment for foreign travel
Office of Research Compliance (ORC), Research Risk, Foreign Engagement

Ellie Kurth, Assistant Director of Research Risk
Research Compliance
(413) 545-5201 

  • International agreements
  • Export control licensing analysis
  • Security & intelligence/due diligence
  • Foreign engagement analysis

Theresa M. Curry
(413) 545-5867

  • Foreign donors/gifts
  • In-kind donations


NSF has just released a series of four Research Security training modules, free to researchers and institutions throughout the U.S. They are "designed to facilitate principled international collaboration in an open, transparent, and secure environment that safegaurd the nation's research ecosystem" (NSF News, 1/30/2024).