Subcontract Instructions

UMASS as Subcontract:

When submitting a proposal where you are the subcontract and submitting to another institution the only thing that needs to be filled out in is the budget forms.

All other information such as the scope of work, CVs, Current and Pending support and all other mandatory information should be included in the submitting institutions PureEdge package.

To fill out the budget pages for your portion of the project follow these instructions: 

  • You will have to download the whole Pure Edge application for the proposal. 
  • Under Optional Documents open up Research and Related Sub award Budget.  That will open the R&R Sub award Budget Attachment Forms.  
  • Click on the gray box that reads, "Click here to extract R&R budget Attachment"
  • A save/extract box will pop up.  You should extract/save it to my desktop for now.
  • At this point you should be able to go to the drive that you saved it on and open it up and start entering the information. 
  • Once the budget has been filled out and approved by UMass-OGCA you or OGCA will email the extracted budget pages to the submitting institution where they will then add the UMass budget to their PureEdge file.   

UMASS as Lead Institution:

When UMass is the lead institution and has subcontracts within the project the subcontracting institution will email the PI or OGCA fiscal reviewing the proposal their extracted and approved budget pages.  All other information (scope of work. CVs, Current and Pending support) should be sent to the PI so they can add it the body of the proposal or specific attachments as required.  The subcontract budgets will then be added to the PIs PureEdge file as Optional Documents under the Research and Related Sub award Budget.