Notifications Regarding Federal Government Potential Lapse in Funding

Now that government operations have resumed, please see items below marked NEW.  We expect to receive notifications and guidance from the agencies for deadlines occurring during the shutdown. Normally during these types of events they allow a reasonable extension of deadlines to allow applicants adequate time to respond.

NEW: Congressional and Governmental Affairs News (APLU)

Specific Agencies distributed information:

(DOJ) Department of Justice

(EPA) Environmental Protection Agency

(FS) Forest Service and Northeast Area Grants Operations

(JPL) Jet Propulsion Laboratory

(NASA) National Aeronautics and Space Administration

(NIH) National Institutes of Health Notification

   “NIH is working to reestablish dates for grant and contract submissions, determine how to handle missed review meetings, and reschedule dates for training and other activities that were scheduled to occur during and immediately following the period of the government shutdown.

As of today, we can confirm that we will be rescheduling all October grant application submission deadlines to the November timeframe (specific dates to be announced in a future Notice). By delaying due dates that occurred both during the lapse in funding and in the week following, applicants will have access to NIH staff and the help desks as they develop their applications.

Peer review meetings that were due to be held between October 1 and October 17 have been cancelled and are being rescheduled.

We expect the eRA Commons will be available for public access on Monday, October 21.

NIH will provide additional information, including a Notice on NIH operations during a continuing resolution, as soon as it is available.”

(NIST) National Institute of Standards and Technology Notification10/01/13 NIST Funding Lapse Guidance for Award Recipients

(NOAA) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

(NSF) National Science Foundation

NEW: 10/18/13 (USDA) Department of Agriculture