Will the Privacy Rule affect the content of informed consent documents?

Yes, for studies that require access the subjects' protected health information. The Common Rule already requires the informed consent process to address how confidentiality will be protected. The Privacy Rule imposes a more specific requirement. In addition to informed consent, investigators must obtain written authorization for the use and disclosure of subjects' identifiable health information. This authorization must include several details. Although the Privacy Rule allows an authorization to be incorporated into the informed consent form the UMass Amherst IRB will require a separate authorization form. In addition, the informed consent document should contain wording that states that the investigator plans to access the subject's existing protected health information (PHI), and that the subject's authorization to access this information will be obtained. Although the Privacy rule does not cover PHI once it has left a covered entity, the informed consent should also include information about how the researcher will use and disclose information generated in the course of the research.

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