What information must be included in an animal use protocol reviewed by the IACUC?

Essential information includes the following:

  • an overview of the animal use and an explanation of the reasons for and benefits from the use of animals in the proposed research
  • assurance that the proposed work does not duplicate previous research and that no alternative to the use of live animals is available
  • a list of species, strains, or types of animals to be used; the source of the animals; the numbers needed
  • justifications for the species and numbers
  • description of specialized housing or care for the animals needed for the studies
  • detailed technical description of how the animals will be used, including any medications or materials administered to them 
  • anesthetics and analgesics that will be use
  • explanations if analgesics cannot be used (for a procedure during or after which the animals would normally be given analgesics) because of interference with the data collected during the study 
  • a clear description of the endpoints of the studies
  • descriptions of the euthanasia procedures in accordance with standards published by the American Veterinary Medical Association 
  • identification of personnel involved in the work and descriptions of their training and qualifications to use the animals

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