What are the members of the IACUC and how are they appointed?

The university’s IACUC membership includes veterinarians, a non-affiliated member, non-scientists, compliance staff and scientists/faculty members from various departments who conduct research and teach.

Although the AWA and PHS Policy differ slightly in IACUC membership requirements, the core membership must include a veterinarian with experience and/or training in the care and use of laboratory animals with responsibility for the animals at the institution (the Attending Veterinarian), one community member, a practicing scientist experienced in research involving animals, and a non-scientist. There must be a minimum of five members on the committee. Members are appointed by the Chief Executive Officer of the institution or their designee. At UMass Amherst, the Chancellor has delegated the appointing authority for IACUC members to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement who also serves as the Institutional Official for oversight of animal use.

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