9. How are concerns reported about the welfare of animals used for research and/or teaching at UMass Amherst?

During their initial training, all new animal users are informed about how to report concerns, as well as the protections afforded by Massachusetts’ “Whistle Blower” statutes. Reporters may choose to remain anonymous. Concerns about animal welfare can be reported to the Office of Research Compliance, 413-545-5204 or rescomp@research.umass.edu.

All reported concerns are promptly acted upon and brought to the attention of the UMass Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). An IACUC member is appointed to investigate and promptly report findings to the IACUC. If a problem is discovered, a plan is developed to resolve the issue as soon as possible and prevent it in the future. The result of the investigation is reported back to the person who lodged the complaint. 

As required by federal law or agreement with funding agencies, OLAW, USDA, and federal and/or private funding agencies are notified of significant problems along with a timetable for correction.

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