President's Office 2014 Science & Technology Initiatives Fund and Creative Economy

02/28/2014, 5:00 PM

Concept papers for S&T and CE as well as the Letter of Intent for UMCCTS Life Sciences Moment Fund are due to the campus Office of Research Development by  5:00pm on Friday, February 28th. Submissions should be sent electronically to

Please also note as per the RFPs that, "Submission via campus research offices will be presumed to indicate approval of the Chancellor. For multi-campus proposals, evidence of approval of each campus research office is needed." Research Development staff can help secure written confirmation of approvals.  Also please note that individual letters of support from the Chancellor are not required.

Assistance with S&T and CE concept development is available from the Office of Research Development upon request.  Please contact Loren Walker,, 7-3725. 

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