Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE) in Engineering

03/14/2014, 5:00 PM

To: All Faculty in the Colleges of Engineering and Social and Behavioral Sciences;


The following is a limited submission opportunity with only one proposal allowed per institution. A second proposal may be submitted “only if it is focused on the societal, ethical, economic and /or environmental issues relevant to nanotechnology.” If you are interested in applying please email me by March 14.

Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE) in Engineering

Program Description:

Advances in nanotechnology research provide new opportunities in undergraduate education. With its focus on imaging and manipulating the atom, the ultimate building block of matter, nanoscale science and engineering (NSE) provides a multitude of new interdisciplinary teaching opportunities for engaging interest and for broadening vision by students of science, engineering, and technology. NSE thus permits new strategies for enhancing science and engineering literacy, preparing the workforce for emerging technologies, and attracting a diverse group of talented students to the workforce of tomorrow. The FY 2014 solicitation is focused on nanoscale engineering education with relevance to devices and systems, and/or on the societal, ethical, economic and/or environmental issues relevant to nanotechnology.

NUE in Engineering provides opportunities for invigorating undergraduate engineering education through creative new courses and research experiences. It blends engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, computer science, materials science, geology, behavioral and social sciences, and design. As such, it provides new opportunities for faculty collaboration, both in teaching and in research, that cross traditional disciplinary and departmental boundaries. Some examples of nanotechnology-based topics that can be introduced into the curriculum include scanning probe methods, devices using nanotubes, bottom-up and top-down syntheses of nanoscale materials, self-assembly, nanobiotechnology, environmental aspects of nanotechnology, applications of nanotechnology to information technology, properties and fundamental phenomena in nanoscale materials, computational methods for modeling nanoscale materials, nanoscale devices, nanoscale systems, design principles at nanoscale, and the societal, ethical, economic and environmental implications of nanotechnology. See for additional examples.

NUE in Engineering projects are intended to enable individuals, departments, programs, or campuses to integrate research advancements into their curricula. Integration could take the form of a new course or courses, or modification of existing courses such that a substantial portion of the course content is based on nanoscale engineering. Integration could include a module or modules in courses that focus on issues of environmental or social change and new developments in nanoscale engineering, or a new course or series of courses that include those focus areas. The projects should be evidenced-based and grounded in what is known about student learning. Proposals involving any part of the undergraduate engineering curriculum are eligible. International collaborations that advance the underlying NUE in Engineering goals and strengthen U.S. activities are encouraged.

Sponsor Deadline:

Full Proposal Due – May 27, 2014