Life Science Laboratories (LSL)

The Life Science Laboratories (LSL) house the Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS) and faculty research clusters working on cutting-edge research and technologies. IALS operates in a new state-of-the-art facility, drawing on the expertise of more than 120 faculty scientists across 25 academic departments, with more than 20 core equipment facilities to enable its translational mission. These facilities are available to both academic researchers and industry partners.

Established in 2014, based on an investment of more than $150 million from the Massachusetts Life Science Center (MLSC) and UMass Amherst, IALS researchers are translating fundamental discoveries into novel candidate medical devices, biomolecules, and delivery vehicles that benefit human health. Research and Engagement employs a professional staff member dedicated to supporting the operations of the Life Science Laboratories building. 

The Models to Medicine Center harnesses campus research strengths in life sciences to foster translational applications, create synergistic ties with industry, and improve the training of future life scientists, especially those who will join the workforce in the Commonwealth. Specific research themes include:

The Center for Bioactive Delivery is composed of four research themes: Cell Based Therapies, Nucleic Acid Delivery, Proteins, Peptides & Antibodies, and Small Molecules and Nutriceuticals. These groups represent the distinct focus areas in which the Center for Bioactive Delivery faculty and researchers are leaders in their respective fields.

The Center for Personalized Health Monitoring accelerates the commercialization of low-cost, multi-function, wearable wireless sensor systems for personalized health care and biometric monitoring through its world-leading research, partnerships, and demonstration facility. Specific translational clusters include: