Specialized Research Support

The Offices of Research and Engagement provide a variety of centralized and specialized research support services for faculty and other campus stakeholders including facilities management of the Life Science Laboratories where the Institute for Applied Life Sciences in housed, animal care services, and support of core facilities. Staff have expertise in various aspects of research planning and operations and are available to consult and assist faculty, departments, schools and colleges. Veterinary and husbandry staff are available to assist and support faculty in the care and use of animal subjects in research. 

Research and Engagement works with Administration and Finance to support the effective management of specialized and shared research facilities. Research and Engagement also works cooperatively with UMass Design and Construction Management and Environmental Health and Safety to ensure appropriate stakeholder input is considered on matters relating to specialized laboratories and facilities critical to the safe and compliant conduct of research. The program is built upon a shared professional position between the units, the focus of which is to ensure compliance and operational effectiveness and efficiency. The Life Science Laboratories (LSL) provide state-of-the-art research facilities, house clusters of research faculty and house the Institute for Applied Life Sciences.