Review of Centers and Institutes

Centers and Institutes with a research related mission are subject to campus review as established by Faculty Senate Policy. The Faculty Senate also oversees the process by which Centers and Institutes are created or closed. Centers and Institutes subject to the campus review process are required to submit a Self Study Report once every five years which serves as the basis for the review, carried out by a faculty Review Committee. Guidelines for the Self Study Report and the evaluation criteria are provided below.

Guidelines for the Self Study Report

Self-Study Template  (Developed by the Review Committee for Centers and Institutes)

Evaluation Criteria

Established by the Faculty Senate 

  1. Does the Center contribute to the mission of the campus?
  2. Has the Center been successful in meeting its own goals and objectives?
  3. Does the Center have adequate financial resources for continued operations?
  4. Has the Center effectively leveraged campus resources? External funding secured?
  5. Is the user/client/beneficiary community appropriately sized to fulfill its mission?
  6. Are users/clients/beneficiaries are getting sufficient value?