SmartGrant Transition to Kuali Research Starts July 1, 2019


SmartGrant is a software tool available to faculty and staff that facilitates sponsored activities workflow. Please review the information below for known issues and guides of how to use SmartGrant.

Important User Notes:

  • Need HELP? Submit an online ticket to request help in SmartGrant
  • Need ACCESS to SmartGrant? Visit the Access to SmartGrant and JOL page for information and instructions.
  • Need to ADD TO or CHANGE ACCESS privileges in SmartGrant?
  • Need a new SPONSOR or SUBCONTRACTOR? Submit a request with the Sponsor/Subcontractor Request form.
  • Need to add or change APPROVERS in SmartGrant? Submit a request to change departmental or college level approvers with the Approver Addtion or Change Form
  • Browser settings – critical for proper functioning of SmartGrant. Please see the "web browsers"  under Guides below before logging into SmartGrant.
  • Browser Cache - With new version of Routing the user must clear the browser cache upon first use or change the settings in accordance with the document in next bullet in order to view the new routing software.
  • Personnel Information in SmartGrant – The data is loaded to SmartGrant directly from the Peoplesoft HR system.   Any change requests of data loaded to SmartGrant from the Peoplesoft HR system must be requested through the SmartGrant system staff (link sends email) and will be directed to the Peoplesoft HR system staff
  • Using a Professional Name vs. your Legal Name is an option in SmartGrant/JOL. Please complete the Professional Name Request form which will be submitted to HR for entry into the personnel profile and then will be available in SmartGrant
  • Email Addresses in SmartGrant –  The email address loaded to SmartGrant is directly associated with your NETID account email.   Any change requests of data loaded to SmartGrant must be requested through the SmartGrant system staff and will be directed to the UMASS IT NETID staff

SmartGrant Functionality – Most Significant

  • Proposal budget creation
    • A "Full Budget" proposal uses the budget engine built into SmartGrant including the personnel file, the fringe tables, the F&A rates, and COLAs. Budget periods may be replicated into out-years
    • A "PropXls" proposal does no calculation but allows the user to enter total direct costs and total indirect costs by budget period
  • Proposal documents are uploaded ( package can be generated and electronically submitted)
  • Electronic authorized signature routing and retrieval for internal proposal related forms (IPF)
  • Award creation (Obligation management, Budgeted effort stored, Peoplesoft projects and budget interface, Summit Award interface)
  • Electronic authorized signature retrieval for internal award related forms (MOU and PIAA)


Web Browsers



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