eShip Global

UMass uses eShip Global for research shipments to ensure that the items are properly packaged, labeled, and reviewed for regulatory compliance. All shipments of research items should be arranged through eShip Global to ensure regulatory compliance; examples of regulated items include: chemicals; biological substances (e.g., plant pathogens and agents carrying rDNA); materials preserved with dry ice or liquid refrigerants; research samples or other materials that could contain dangerous goods in any amount (e.g. biological samples in ethanol); live animals; and lithium ion batteries. Regulated items must be packaged and labeled in accordance with federal regulatory requirements (e.g., International Air Transport Association [IATA], Department of Transportation [DOT]). Further, all international shipments, and certain domestic shipments, must be reviewed for compliance with export control laws and regulations, and some shipments (e.g., those subject to export controls) may require additional documentation or authorization.

UMass receives lower shipping rates through eShip Global, so the cost to ship is comparable to arranging for the shipment directly with a carrier. Moreover, eShip lets shippers compare prices and choose between three major carriers: DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

After a shipment request is created, eShip Global automatically notifies the appropriate personnel in Research Compliance and EH&S to review and approve the request. Because the shipment reviews and approvals are built into the software, shippers have assurance that the shipment is packed and labeled in accordance with regulatory requirements. Further, if additional documents are required, such as a commercial invoice for international shipments, eShip Global will automatically generate such documents to print and include with the shipment.

You can access eShip Global using your NetID and password. Additional information, particularly with respect to shipping hazardous materials, can be found on the EH&S websitePlease contact EH&S at (413) 545-2682 if you have any questions or concerns.