eShip Global

Please contact EH&S at (413) 545-2682 if you have any questions.

To ensure the proper shipment of regulated and export controlled materials the campus has adopted a new shipping software tool, eShip Global.  This web-based application, used by other campuses such as Yale and successfully piloted at UMass over the last academic year, ensures that research material shipments are prepared in accordance with the most current dangerous goods regulations from the International Air Transport Association [IATA] and the Department of Transportation [DOT].  eShip Global guides the user  in  ensuring that all shipments are properly classified, labeled, marked and packaged in  the most cost-effective and compliant manner.  eShip Global will determine if you can ship the material yourself (requiring a basic level of training) or if it requires special packaging and assembly by EH&S staff. EH&S will supply all of the appropriate packaging and will ensure that your package is appropriately labelled and handled.  To assist with  shipments, Room N190 in LSL has been set up with the necessary shipping materials. 

eShip Global electronically alerts Research Compliance for export control review and also determines whether the shipment needs to be routed through EH&S.  Each shipment costs $14.95 plus the shipping costs to process through this system. UMass obtained new lower institutional shipping rates so the overall cost to ship using eShip Global should be comparable to (and sometimes even less than) current shipping methods.  Examples of items requiring regulatory oversight include, but are not limited to: chemicals; biological substances (including plant pathogens and agents carrying rDNA); samples with dry ice or liquid refrigerants; research samples or any other materials that could contain dangerous goods in any amount (e.g. biological samples in ethanol); live animals; items shipped to another country; intellectual property; and lithium ion batteries.

To use eShip Global, paste  into your browser. eShip Global will direct you how to package, label, and fill out required paperwork for your regulated Item and direct you to any additional required trainings such as for dry ice or category B biologicals. The system will also inform you if additional regulatory training is required and whether additional University staff must review and/or authorize the shipment of your item.  Full details can be found at:   Please contact EH&S at (413) 545-2682 if you have any questions or concerns.