List of Research Administration & Compliance e-Systems
Tableau Reporting Available to All Faculty and Staff - Be sure to connect to the GlobalProtect VPN before clicking the Tableau links

Tableau Reporting - Limited Access Be sure to connect to the GlobalProtect VPN before clicking the Tableau links.  * To request access to the Tableau reporting below, please fill out and submit a Research Reporting Request form.

Build - Action List and Forms
NOTE: All Build forms require netid@umass.edu to log in. Extended email suffixes not supported (i.e. netid@research.umass.edu)

  • Approver Add/Change Form
    • Request Kuali Research Administration System approver changes by lead unit (dept) or parent unit (college)
  • Human Subject Research Questionnaire
    • Feedback survey on how your research is progressing and whether you run into challenges that make it difficult to do research in a timely manner
  • Cost Share Request
    • Third-party, voluntary cost share, cost share requests to the VCRE & Provost