Human Subjects/IRB
Name Description
Activities Involving Human Subjects Research
Adverse Event Reporting
Adverse Event Reporting in e-Protocol
Advertising and Subject Recruitment
Assent Guidance for Minors
Audio Recordings of Research Participants
Baystate Collaborative Research/IRB Review
Biological Specimens & Private Information
Certificates of Confidentiality Tip Sheet
Classroom Research Projects and the IRB
Data Monitoring
Data Use Agreements
Debriefing Process Guidance
Determining Whether IRB Review is Required for an Activity
e-Protocol User Guide
Education Research Settings
Ethnographic Research
Final Reports
Focus Group Research
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Privacy Rule
Informed Consent Guidance
International Affective Picture System (IAPs)
Mandatory Reporting
MTurk Guidance
NIH Revision to Definition of a Clinical Trial
NIH Revision to the Policy on Certificates of Confidentiality
NIH Single IRB Policy for Multi-site Research
Oral and Short Form Written Consent
Oral History
Recruiting at UMass
Renewal/Continuing Review
Research in Higher Education Settings
Research in K-12 Settings
Research Involving Minors
Research Responsibility
Revisions to a Protocol
Screening Activities Used to Determine Eligibility for Participation in Research
Sensitive Topics
Student Handbook: A Guide to Conducting Human Subject Research
Student Researchers and Advisors
Study Personnel
Subject Recruitment Databases
Survey Guidelines
Types of Review
Unanticipated Problems