Forms A-Z

Name Description
Access Request - Contingent Worker Employee
Access/Change Request - Current Permanent Employee
Anesthesia/Surgery Record
Animal Cage Card Form
Animal Order Request Form
Animal Protocol Transfer Form
Aquatic anesthesia-surgery record
Assent Form for Children aged 7-12
Assent Form for Older Children/Young Adults Aged 13+
Baystate and UMass Collaborative Human Subjects Form
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement - Intellectual Property and Commercial Ventures
Contingent Worker Form
Cost Share Request Form - AY Faculty Salary
Counseling Resources Guidance
Debriefing Form - Deception
Debriefing Form - General
Determination of Human Subject Research Form
Drug-Free Workplace Policy Agreement
Euthanasia Request Form
Event Tracking Log
HIPAA Authorization Template
Indirect Cost Waiver/Reduction
Informed Consent Template - Complex Biomedical - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Focus Group - Revised
Informed Consent Template - General - Revised
Informed Consent Template - International Affective Picture System (IAPS) - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Muscle Biopsy - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Online Survey - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Paper Survey Consent Paragraph
Informed Consent Template - Sensitive Topics - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Short Version of Written Consent
Informed Consent Template - Subject Recruitment Database
Informed Consent Template - Video Use - Revised
Informed Consent Template - VO2 Max - Revised
Late Proposal Approval Request Form
Outside Activities - Request for Prior Approval
PAR-Q Screener Script
Parent Permission for Minor to Participate in Research - Revised
Participation Agreement (PAG)
Post Operative Record for Lab Animals
Pre-establishment of Account Agreement
Pro Forma Budget Template
Professional Name Request Form
Protocol Deviation/Violation Report Form
Recruitment Database Application Form
Reviewer Checklist for Continuing Review
Reviewer Checklist for New Protocols
SBIR Funding Agreement
Significant Adverse Event Report Form
Sponsor - Subcontractor Request
STTR Funding Agreement
Student Consultation Registration Form
Sub-Recipient Form
Subcontract Approval and Sole Source Justification
Summer Salary Waiver Request
Tissue Request Form
UMass COI/SFI NSF Disclosure form
Unanticipated Problem Report Form
Vertebrate Animal Classroom Use