Forms A-Z

Name Description
Access Request - Contingent Worker Employee
Access/Change Request - Current Permanent Employee
Anesthesia/Surgery Record
Anesthesia/Surgery Record - Aquatics
Animal Cage Card Form
Animal Order Request Form (non-Rodent or Rabbit)
Animal Order Request Form (Rodents & Rabbits)
Animal Protocol Transfer Form
Assent Form for Adults with Cognitive Impairments
Assent Form for Children aged 7-12
Assent Form for Older Children/Young Adults Aged 13+
Baystate and UMass Collaborative Human Subjects Form
Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Statement - Intellectual Property and Commercial Ventures
Contingent Worker Form
Cost Share Request Form - AY Faculty Salary
Counseling Resources Guidance
Debriefing Form - Deception
Debriefing Form - General
Determination of Human Subject Research Form
Drug-Free Workplace Policy Agreement
Euthanasia Request Form
HIPAA Authorization Template
Indirect Cost Waiver/Reduction
Informed Consent Template - Complex Biomedical - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Focus Group - Revised
Informed Consent Template - General - Revised
Informed Consent Template - iDXA
Informed Consent Template - International Affective Picture System (IAPS) - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Muscle Biopsy - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Online Survey - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Paper Survey Consent Paragraph
Informed Consent Template - Sensitive Topics - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Short Version of Written Consent
Informed Consent Template - Subject Recruitment Database
Informed Consent Template - Video Use - Revised
Informed Consent Template - VO2 Max - Revised
Late Proposal Approval Request Form
New Organization (i.e. Subcontractor) Request Form
Outside Activities - Request for Prior Approval
PAR-Q Screener Script
Parent Permission for Minor to Participate in Research - Revised
Participation Agreement (PAG)
Physician Clearance Form
Post Operative Record for Lab Animals
Pre-establishment of Account Agreement
Pro Forma Budget Template
Professional Name Request Form
Recruitment Database Application Form
Reviewer Checklist for Continuing Review
Reviewer Checklist for New Protocols
SBIR Funding Agreement
Sponsor Request
STTR Funding Agreement
Student Consultation Registration Form
Sub-Recipient Commitment Form
Sub-Recipient Commitment Form (FDP Institutions only)
Subcontract Approval and Sole Source Justification
Summer Salary Waiver Request
Tissue Request Form
UMass COI/SFI NSF Disclosure form
Vertebrate Animal Classroom Use