All Policies, Guidance and Forms

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Name Description
Activities Involving Human Subjects Research
Additional Compensation on Sponsored Projects
Administrative Costing Requirements for Proposals and Awards
Administrative Stipends Changed to Federal Grants and Contracts
Adverse Events Reporting
Advertising and Subject Recruitment
AHA Guidance Document
Anesthesia/Surgery Record
Anesthesia/Surgery Record - Aquatics
Animal Cage Card Form
Animal Ordering Procedure
Animal Protocol Transfer Form
Animal Welfare (OLAW) Assurance
Assent Form for Adults with Cognitive Impairments
Assent Form for Children aged 7-12
Assent Form for Older Children/Young Adults Aged 13+
Assent Guidance for Minors
Audio Recordings of Research Participants
Authority/Attending Veterinarian
AY Salary and Summer Ad Comp
AY Salary Recovery and Summer Ad Comp
Baystate and UMass Collaborative Human Subjects Form
Baystate Collaborative Research/IRB Review
Biohazardous Materials in Research and Instruction
Biological Materials Used in Rodents
Biological Specimens & Private Information
Biosafety - IBC Administrative Policies and Procedures
BOT Conflict of Interest for Human Subjects
BOT Guidelines for the Oversight of Individual and Institutional Financial Interests in Human Subjects Research
BOT Intellectual Property Policy
BOT Policy for Promoting Objectivity in Biomedical Research Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth & Lowell
BOT Policy for the Development and Administration of Grants, Contracts and Cooperative Agreements for Sponsored Programs
BOT Policy on Additional Faculty Compensation
BOT Policy on Conflicts of Interest Relating to Intellectual Property and Commercial Ventures Amherst & Boston
BOT Policy on Faculty Consulting and Outside Activities: Amherst & Boston
BOT Policy on Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activities
Cell Line PCR Submission
Certificates of Confidentiality Tip Sheet
Classroom Research Projects and the IRB
Close Requests
College and University Rate Agreement
Compensation for Certain Additional Professional Services
Conflict of Interest (COI) -Outline of Guidance Principles for Faculty on COI
Conflict of Interest (COI) Policies (UMass Amherst) - Overview
Conflict of Interest (COI) Relating to Intellectual Property and Commercial Ventures
Cost Share Request Form - AY Faculty Salary
Cost Transfer Policy
Counseling Resources Guidance
Data Monitoring
Data Ownership, Retention, and Access at UMass Amherst
Data Use Agreements
Debriefing Form - Deception
Debriefing Form - General
Debriefing Process Guidance
Determination of Human Subject Research Form
Determining Whether IRB Review is Required for an Activity
Disclosure of Research Results
Disinfectants - NIH Recommendations
DOE Guidance Document
Drug-Free Workplace Policy Agreement
Dual Use - Bridging Science and Security for Biological Research
Education Research Settings
Effort Reporting - Related Documents
Effort Reporting Policies Guidance
Ethnographic Research
Euthanasia Request Form
Exemptions in Openness in Research
Expiration dates for materials used in animals
Export Control and Universities: Information and Case Studies
Export Control Compliance Guidelines - UMass Amherst
Export Control Policy
Export Control: "Don't Let This Happen to You!"
Extra Credit for Participating in Research
Fact Sheet
Focus Group Research
Grant/Contract vs. Gift
Guillotine Use and Maintenance
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Privacy Rule
HIPAA Authorization Template
Human Body Fluids Precautions Policy
IACUC Policy on Collaborative Work
Implementing the NIH COI Final Rule
Indirect Cost Waiver/Reduction
Industry Funding Contract Signatory Authority Matrix
Informed Consent Template - Complex Biomedical - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Focus Group - Revised
Informed Consent Template - General - Revised
Informed Consent Template - iDXA
Informed Consent Template - International Affective Picture System (IAPS) - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Muscle Biopsy - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Online Survey - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Paper Survey Consent Paragraph
Informed Consent Template - Sensitive Topics - Revised
Informed Consent Template - Short Version of Written Consent
Informed Consent Template - Subject Recruitment Database
Informed Consent Template - Video Use - Revised
Informed Consent Template - VO2 Max - Revised
Institutional Chemical Safety Committee Policy and Procedures
Institutional Policy for Oversight of Animal Use in Research and Teaching
International Affective Picture System (IAPs)
Late Proposal Approval Request Form
Mandatory Reporting
Minimum Effort on Sponsored Projects
Misconduct in Research & Scholarly Activities - UMass Procedures
MTurk Guidance
NASA Guidance Document
Needle and Syringe Use
NEW - Environmental Chamber Housing Standards
NEW - Mouse Breeding Guidance for ACS Vivaria
NEW- Hamster Breeding Guidance
NIH Guidance Document
NIH Single IRB Policy for Multi-site Research
NSF Guidance Document
Oral and Short Form Written Consent
Oral History
Outside Activities - Request for Prior Approval
Pain and Stress Classification Levels
PAR-Q Screener Script
Parent Permission for Minor to Participate in Research - Revised
Photography of Research Animals
Physician Clearance Form
Physician Clearance Policy
PI and Co-PI Roles and Responsibilities
Policy on Human Subjects in Research
Post Approval Monitoring
Post Operative Record for Lab Animals
Pro Forma Budget Template
Project Types for F&A Purposes
rDNA or Synthetic DNA
Recruiting at UMass
Recruitment Database Application Form
Recruitment Templates
Red Flag Indicators in Export Transactions
Requests for Letters of Support
Requirements and Procedures for Fabricated Equipment Costs on Federal Research Grants and Contracts
Research in Higher Education Settings
Research in K-12 Settings
Research Involving Minors
Research Responsibility
Reviewer Checklist for Amendments
Reviewer Checklist for Continuing Review
Reviewer Checklist for New Protocols
Reviewer Checklist for Renew/Amends
Revisions to a Protocol
SBIR Funding Agreement
Screening Activities Used to Determine Eligibility for Participation in Research
Select Agents
Sensitive Topics
Social Media Research Guidance
Sponsor Request
Sponsored Project Proposal Submission Requirements and Procedures
STScI Guidance Document
STTR Funding Agreement
Student Researchers and Advisors
Study Personnel
Sub-Recipient Commitment Form
Subcontract Approval and Sole Source Justification
Subject Recruitment Databases
Suicidal Ideation Response Guidance
Summer Ad Comp
Summer Salary Waiver Request
Survey Guidelines
Tabletop Isoflurane Anesthesia Machines
Transfer of PI to another Institution
Travel Tips from the National Counterintelligence Executive
Types of Review
UMass Amherst Export Control Compliance Program Guidelines
UMass COI/SFI NSF Disclosure form
UMass Procedure to meet NSF Safe and Inclusive Working Environments
Unified Requirement and Procedure Guide to Cost Sharing
Uniform Consulting Agreement Provisions - UMass Amherst
University of Massachusetts Amherst Policy to Conform with Board of Trustee Policy Doc. T94-034 and The Federal OMB Uniform Guidance
USDA Guidance Document
Visitor Policy