Controlled Substances

Use of controlled substances (CS) and listed chemicals is regulated by federal and state law. Lists of Controlled Substances can be found on the U.S. Department of Justice DEA's web site and in Massachusetts General Laws Part 1, Title XV, Chap. 94C, section 31.   Controlled substances on Schedules I and II include addictive street drugs like heroin and cocaine as well as pentobarbital and are the most strictly regulated. Schedule III compounds include some stimulants and depressants, pain killers, and many anesthetics and analgesics. Schedule IV substances include stimulants and depressants with lower abuse potential. Schedule V lists therapeutic drug mixtures containing very limited quantities of Controlled Substances. Each CS has a specific drug code. Schedule VI Controlled Substances under Massachusetts law include all prescription drugs.  A registration requirement has been waived in Massachusetts for purchases of hypodermic needles and syringes. 

An investigator must obtain both a DEA registration (DEA license) number and a Massachusetts Department of Public Health Controlled Substances Registration (MA license) number in order to acquire, make, possess or use a Controlled Substance in Massachusetts.  The DEA Form requires a Massachusetts DPH registration number so you will need to complete state registration procedure first.