Facilities Access and Use

UMass Amherst faculty may occasionally need to use an outside organization’s facility for University research activities, particularly when the outside organization offers unique capabilities or specialized equipment necessary to accomplishing the research goals. Federally funded national laboratories (e.g., Sandia National Lab or Lawrence Livermore National Lab) and other university- or industry-based facilities that offer faculty the opportunity to conduct work onsite often require a signed agreement with UMA.

The Office of Research Compliance (ORC) is responsible for assisting faculty with reviewing, negotiating and signing such facilities use agreements. ORC’s role is focused on ensuring the terms and conditions of such agreements do not conflict with a faculty member’s sponsored research funding agreement, with intellectual property rights and obligations or with other UMass policies. 

Faculty needing assistance with a facilities access or use arrangement should contact ORC at (413) 545-5283 or via email at rescomp@research.umass.edu