Data Ownership, Retention and Access

The creation and use of data is a fundamental component of many research investigations. It is in the interest of the UMass Amherst research enterprise to make data available to others, to the extent possible. Data access and use is guided by both campus policy and external policies and guidelines. The UMass Amherst policy on Data Ownership, Retention, and Access at UMass Amherst applies to all campus research and researchers, regardless of funding source, if any. For sponsored research, any relevant policies of the sponsor apply in addition to campus policies. Any apparent conflicts of policies need to be resolved in writing and approved by the VCRE prior to acceptance of an award, contract or binding agreement. Data is defined to include all recorded information (in any medium), and all actual samples or examples, that were created or gathered as part of the research. 

Use this Data Use Agreement Review Form to submit a Data Use Agreement or Data Transfer Agreement to Research Compliance for review. Please note that there is an estimated two week turnaround for all reviews.



Research Data Policy, Access, and Retention (UMass Amherst Faculty Senate)