Conflict of Interest / COI

A Conflict of Interest (COI) is a set of circumstances that creates a risk that professional judgment or actions regarding a primary interest will be unduly influenced by a secondary interests.

Below is a flowchart that visually describes the COI disclosure process.  It also includes links to the various types of Conflict of Interest and information about Kuali COI, the electronic platform used to submit disclosures.

Conflict of Interest Categories



Conflict of Interest disclosures are submitted through the Kuali COI module. This is an electronic disclosure form that combines a range of existing COI policies and regulations (COI, COC, OA) into a single process and is fully integrated into Kuali eRA.Questions regarding Kuali COI can be directed to Melinda LeLacheur, Office of Research Compliance, at (413) 545-5283 or

  •  A tutorial is available in the Kuali Videos section of our Kuali Guides & Documentation Page.
  •  Users will be prompted to be completed Kuali COI at the time of proposal submission. It is recommended that they submit or update their Kuali COI soon after.
  •  During the Kuali COI disclosure process, users will now be asked to declare relationships between each entity listed and each sponsored research project.

Kuali COI Guidance:


For questions regarding Conflict of Interest and/or Conflict of Commitment policies, procedures or regulations contact the Office of Research Compliance  or Jennifer Donais Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Engagement, Compliance & Support Services.