Kuali System / IRB




Kuali is the on-line system for the approval of human subject research. All requests for approval of human subject research must be submitted through the Kuali Protocols module. To submit a new protocol through Kuali for the first time, please follow the instructions below.

Kuali User Guide

The Kuali Protocols - IRB User Guide (PDF) was designed to help the user easily navigate the system by providing step-by-step instructions and screenshots to help clarify the guidance. The User Guide will help you create, edit, or clone electronic submissions to the IRB. The User Guide also provides instructions on submitting revisions, renewals, and final reports to existing protocols. Lastly, the User Guide also provides step-by-step instructions for submitting adverse event reports and deviation reports.

Recommended Browser

Kuali officially supports the last year of releases for all of the main browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

Training on Demand

If you would like our office to provide a Kuali training in your area, please email humansubjects@ora.umass.edu.