NSF Subawardee Documentation

NSF Subawardee Documentation - needed when an NSF proposal includes a subcontractor

Definitions of F&A Rates

Indirect costs, also known as overhead and more recently defined by the federal government as Facilities and Administration (F&A), Definitions of Project Types for F&A purposes, are those costs that the UM incurs for common or joint objectives that cannot be identified easily with a particular project.

NIH R01 Proposal Checklist

Use this R01 Checklist as a tool to make sure you have covered all the bases.

Transfer of Principal Investigator to Another Institution

It is the practice of UMass Amherst to allow investigators to take their grants with them – with explicit department head and dean approval – when they transfer to another institution. There are issues inherent in this type of transfer.  Click here for a guide to resolution of these issues.

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