Issuing Subawards

Preparation: (After Prime Award has been sent to Accounting for Set-up)

A Subaward is prepared with the following information based on the Prime Sponsor Terms and Conditions by the Award Administrator in OPAM:

  • Flow down applicable terms and conditions from prime award
  • Type of subaward (cost reimbursement, fixed price, etc.)
  • Payment schedule (if applicable)
  • Time line for deliverables (if applicable)
  • Risk reduction clauses (if applicable)
    • Additional monitoring/reporting
    • Detailed invoices/backup receipts
  • Certifications and Assurances
  • Incorporation of Subrecipient Scope and Budget

Subaward Approval by PI:  (The subaward is then created and sent to the PI with the additional documents below)

  • PI receives a draft copy of subaward agreement along with a “Subcontract Approval Sheet”

  • PI must complete and sign Subcontract Approval Sheet and provide OPAM will all pertinent documents for subaward (i.e., Subrecipient, IRB, IACUC, etc.)
  • All signed and requested documents are received by OPAM and a subaward is distributed.

PI Roles and Responsibilities

Monitor Subrecipient Performance, Progress and All Financial Reporting

  • Maintains ongoing communication with Subrecipient including via email, phone and onsite review
  • Review Subrecipient costs for allowability and reasonableness.
  • Review and Approves Subrecipient invoices
  • Notify Subrecipient and OPAM immediately should any issue arise and Subrecipient fails to adhere to the terms and conditions specified in Subaward.
  • Accepts and approves Subrecipient reports and deliverables
  • PI then submits progress/interim financial reports to Prime Sponsor

Extensions, Modifications, Additional Funding

  • Automatic extensions and funding will be applied to all subawards where the Prime Sponsor initiates an automatic continuation without the need for additional documentation (i.e., NIH, NSF, etc.)
  • All other modifications or extensions will be initiated by OPAM upon receipt of modification or extension of “other” Prime Sponsor(s).  (OPAM may require additional information from PI at this time)
  • Modifications will be made by OPAM per the request of the PI for changes in Subrecipient Scope, Budget, PI