Also referred to as a subcontract or sub recipient agreement, Sponsored Research encourages collaborations with other institutions and industry partners.  In order to achieve these partnerships within research, subcontacts are a vital component. A subaward is issued under a prime contract, cooperative agreement, or grant to establish a legally binding commitment by the subcontractor to perform a part of the overall scope of services for the project.  Subawards issued under federal prime awards are subject to compliance with applicable federal law and research policies as well as the terms and conditions of the prime award.

PIs are responsible for ensuring that the subrecipient  completes the scope detailed in the subaward and spends the funds in accordance with the approved subaward budget.  This includes the receipt and review of technical performance reports or other deliverables and the review and approval of expenses contained on subrecipient invoices  against approved budget. There may be additional sponsor-specific or program-specific requirements that mandate collection and documentation of other kinds of assurances (e.g., on laboratory animals, human subjects, biohazards, etc.) during the course of a project.  The University Controller’s Office provides additional  guidance on subrecipient monitoring after an award is made.

 OPAM has been delegated the authority to prepare and negotiate and issue all subawards ensuring that they contain all required and applicable federal or other terms and conditions.