Transfer of Grants

Transferring a Grant/Contract

  • Occurs when a PI enters or leaves the university and has active sponsored projects
  • The award (with the exception of fellowships) is made to the Institution and not the PI, and so approval at many levels has to be secured.
  • The requirements for specific documentation may differ from sponsor to sponsor but in general are similar
  • Planning ahead streamlines the process.   The PI should begin the process of notifying appropriate individuals and seeking approvals as soon as he or she knows they need to transfer a grant.

General Requirements

  • The first step is to seek and receive written approval from the Dean and Department Head agreeing to relinquish the award. The approval should also include an agreement to and identification of any equipment that may also be transferred. Sponsor requirements for equipment transfer as well as costs of moving the equipment must be considered and addressed.
  • PI notifies their business manager and OPAM of their intent to request transfer, and seeks instructions on what the process is for each sponsor.
  • A firm date for transfer should be identified.
  • The OPAM award grant and contract administrator will contact the sponsor to confirm the process and identify the needed documents.  They will also coordinate with the receiving institution as needed and the UMass grant accountant.
  • The PI will need to work with their grant accountant to get an accurate prediction of the amount of residual funds that will remain as of the transfer date.   All outstanding encumbrances, subcontractor invoices, etc., must be reconciled and paid out prior to the transfer date so that as accurate a transfer figure as possible can be put forth.
  • The PI should begin the process of closing out his/her grant,  preparing final reports and making any appropriate deliverables as required prior to the transfer date.
  • The PI should also work with his new institution’s grants office to prepare any documentation required by them in coordination with the sponsor as of the transfer date. (scope of work remaining, budget for remaining funds, etc. )
  • Once all the above requirements are met, the University will relinquish the award so that the new institution can accept.