No-Cost Extensions

The need and request for no-cost extensions is by far the most common post award action that OPAM handles. While the rationale/justification and information required to put a request forward is fairly consistent among all sponsors, the process involved in making and submitting the request varies between them. In general requests should explain why the project goals/work cannot be completed within the awarded period of performance, the circumstances that delayed the progress, and the plan for completing the work during the extension period. No-cost extensions should never be requested for the sole purpose of spending down residual funds.

OPAM has updated its website to give you a quick way to access a particular sponsor and view explicit step-by-step guides to preparing and submitting a request for a no-cost extension. Follow this link to a list of sponsors, click on the sponsor you need, and it will open the guidance document.

We hope this will help to clarify and streamline the process for your particular needs.