No-Cost Extensions

No-Cost Extension Request form

A no-cost extension extends the project period beyond the original project end date. As the phrase “no cost” suggests, there is no additional funding.

A no-cost extension may be requested by the PI when ALL THREE of the following conditions are met:

  • The end of the project period is approaching.
  • There is a justifiable programmatic need to continue the research.
  • There are sufficient funds remaining to cover the extended effort.

All requests must explicitly state the desired new end date, and provide a justification that addresses why the project could not be completed in the original period of time provided, and how the extension will benefit the project to allow for the completion of the goals. Please note that no-cost extensions cannot be approved solely for the purpose of spending down residual funds.

Requests should be made at least 30 days in advance of the then current end date, or earlier if the award terms require.

UMass Approved

Some federal sponsors have delegated to UMass OPAM the authority under grants to approve a one-time no-cost extension not to exceed 12 months. If authorized, an internal no-cost extension request should be made at least 30 days in advance of the project end date to OPAM. The extension, although approved by UMass, must be requested by the PI.  The request will be reviewed by the OPAM administrator assigned to that award and once approved, he/she will notify the sponsor of the approved extension.

For internal no cost extensions, the PI must submit the request to OPAM either via the sponsor’s electronic system (such as Fastlane) or via email to:

Sponsor Approved

If the sponsor has not delegated this authority, a written request must be made and then submitted through OPAM to the sponsor.  If the request can be submitted via the sponsor’s electronic grants management system such as Fastlane, that is to be used.  Otherwise, written requests for no-cost extensions should be prepared and signed by the PI on the department letterhead, and submitted to OPAM.  The request will be reviewed by the OPAM administrator and once approved, submitted to the sponsor.