A Simple, Robust Route for Generating Unidirectionally Aligned, Nanoscopic Line Patterns of Block Copolymers over Arbitrarily Large Areas

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Researchers at UMass Amherst, UC Berkeley and Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology have collaboratively developed a simple, robust route for producing unidirectionally aligned, nanoscopic line patterns of block copolymers over arbitrarily large areas, with an order parameter in excess of 0.97. The fabrication process combines the “bottom-up,” directed self-assembly of block copolymer approach to generation of nanoscopic surface structures with a unique strategy to guide perfect assembly of horizontally positioned nanocylindrical domains of block copolymers on non-defect-free substrates. In addition, the fabrication process does not require photolithography, e-beam lithography, or other processes employing a “top-down” patterning approach. The exceptional alignment is attainable either on reconstructed, faceted single crystal surfaces or on their replicas made with flexible, inexpensive polymeric materials. The block copolymer line patterns with perfect structural order over arbitrarily large areas can be used in subsequent roll-to-roll type pattern transfer and patterning processes and to serve as templates and scaffolds for the manufacture of a variety of addressable media and devices.

  • Magnetic storage media
  • Polarizing devices
  • Nanowire arrays or nanowire-based devices
  • Structural perfection: The ultra-high density arrays of block copolymer lines have crystallographic registry over arbitrarily large areas, enabling fabrication of truly addressable, macroscopic media.
  •  High substrate versatility: Thin films of perfectly ordered nanoscopic line patterns can be formed on both hard/non-flexible faceted substrates and soft/flexible faceted substrates.
  • Simple and environmentally friendly process: The “bottom-up” fabrication process eliminates the use of environmentally unfriendly harsh chemicals required by “top-down,” lithographic patterning techniques. 
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Patent Application Publication Number 2012301677A1

UMA 10-26
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