Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) Devices Fabricated Using Non-Toxic, Water-based Nanoparticle Dispersions

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This invention provides organic photovoltaic devices fabricated using an environmentally friendly fabrication process.  To fabircate a solar cell that will power a smart phone using conventional fabrication processes would require 150 mililiter of toxic organic solvents such as chlorobenzene or xylene. The new fabrication process of this invention uses waster-based nanparticle dispersions of active layer materials, and improves device power conversion efficiency over other aqueous-dispersion-based processes by optimizing the domain size and structure of the active layer and other device elements.


OPV devices or organic solar cells fabricated using an environmentally friendly process Lightweight, Flexible and portable organic solar chargers for mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, integrated audio-visual devices, low-pwer personal electronic devices for sensing and medical diagnostics, etc.   


Environmentally safe, Scalable, Amenable to Roll-to-Roll processing

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Patent Pending

UMA 14-019
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