Energy/bandwidth efficient medium access control protocol for wireless packet networks

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This invention introduces a new medium access control (MAC) protocol invented for high bandwidth wireless packet networks, such as IEEE 802.11a/b/g based wireless LANs. In general, the invention provides media access control in a communication network which includes multiple communication stations coupled over a shared communication medium.

Key features include:

  • Separation of random collision avoidance and contention resolution at MAC layer
  • Collision avoidance with fixed back-off window size
  • An efficient, adaptive fair rate control mechanism for contention resolution

Applied to wireless Local Area Networks, it can improve power consumption, bandwidth use, can provide quality of service support to different traffic classes


Advantages over the existing distributed wireless medium access protocols:

  1. Significantly improves communication efficiency, resulting in a major savings in communication power
  2. improves the achievable network capacity that can accommodate a larger number of users
  3. provides fair channel sharing among arbitrary number of users with fast convergence
  4. provides inherent quality of service capability with quantitative performance guarantees for different priority users
  5. simple to implement, with low computational complexity and no additional control overhead buffer requirements
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UMA 04-06
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