Contamination Suppression in Chemical Fluid Deposition

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This invention relates to methods for depositing materials onto a substrate surface or into a porous solid.  Thin filsm of materials such as metals, semiconductors, or metal oxides insulators are of great importance inthe micro-electronics industry. Fabrication of integrated circuits involves formation of high purity thin films, often in multiple layers, on patterned substrates, commonly using chemical vapor deposition.

The invention is based on the discovery that contamination, e.g., oxidation, of material deposited onto a substrate surface or into a porous solid can be suppressed through the appropriate selection of a material precursor, delivery agent (e.g. solvent), reaction conditions (e.g., temperature), and/or presence of additioal agents.

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Production of Thin Films for micro-electronics


Produces high purity thin films at temperatures lower than conventional Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) temperatures.

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Patent US 6,984,584 issued

UMA 02-03

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