Aneuric Expansion System for Balloon Altitude Control

Primary Inventors: 

Paul Voss, Ph.D.


A novel, efficient, and durable buoyancy control system that increases the functionality of high-altitude balloons. This lightweight, low cost system can be utilized for precise and efficient altitude control over extended periods of days to years. The flexibility and endurance of this system allows for the maintenance of desired station area and simple repositioning. These advantages provided by the Aneuric System increase the number of potential industry applications for atmospheric balloons.

  • Air mass tracking beacons for environmental monitoring, national security, or military applications
  • Surveillance platforms for border patrol, national security, or military applications
  • Inexpensive "satellite constellations" for the communications industry
  • Reusable long-duration sondes for weather forecasting models
  • Altitude control system for larger airships
  • Greater mechanical simplicityAv
  • Inexpensive and easy to fabricate
  • Capable of traveling over a large altitude range for long durations to maintain desired station area positioning
  • Significantly lower energy consumption per unit altitude change
  • Exponential reduction in size of costly superpressure balloon
  • Lower required superpressure at high altitude
  • Reduced tendency for ice damage
Licensing Status: 
Available for Licensing and/or Sponsored Research
Patent Status: 
UMA 03-24
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