Armstrong Fund for Science

Resources from the Internal Funding Opportunities Information Session, September 22, 2023 (includes Faculty Research Grant, VCRE Subvention Program, Armstrong Fund for Science, and Public Service Endowment Grants):

Program Information

The Armstrong Fund for Science was established to encourage faculty at UMass Amherst to pursue research that has a significant likelihood of major science or engineering impact. Made possible through the generosity of John and Elizabeth Armstrong, this fund was created in 2006 with the belief that major scientific advances in society can be achieved by supporting researchers with bold vision, documented credentials, and a passion for results. The Armstrong Fund for Science seeks to support researchers willing to challenge conventions in their field. Grants will be made from this fund, administered by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement, on an annual basis.


The Armstrong Fund for Science is intended for faculty members with aggressive research visions. Grants from this program should be used to strategically expand their programs by positioning their research for large, extramural grants or key industrial partnerships. The research should represent a new initiative, either a bold, new line of research or the application of prior research to a field in which it has no precedent. Projects should be no longer than 2 years, with total budget requests not to exceed $40,000.

  • Early career faculty and faculty who are women or members of minorities underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines are encouraged to apply
  • Proposals from senior faculty will also be considered if they represent a new and somewhat risky direction for the faculty member’s research program
  • Team proposals are encouraged
  • Only projects in areas of strategic relevance to the campus will be funded

The Armstrong Fund for Science is intended to:

  • Permit faculty members to pursue adventurous ideas
  • Enhance faculty members’ ability to develop significant sponsored activities in areas of strategic relevance to the campus
  • Build tangible, working relationships with industry
  • Raise the national profile of the campus as a source of innovation


  • All full-time science and engineering faculty are eligible to apply.

How To Apply: 

Final Report: 

  • At the end of the project, awardees are required to provide a final report.
  • Awardees must commit to presenting their research findings to a non-specialist audience through a public lecture or other means of public dissemination.

For More Information: 

For more information, email