Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program


The Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program supports high-caliber scholarship in the social sciences and humanities, making it possible for recipients to devote time to research and writing that addresses pressing issues and cultural transitions affecting us at home and abroad. UMass Amherst has been invited to nominate: one junior scholar (max. of 10 years out from Ph.D.) and one senior scholar (more than 10 years out from Ph.D.) for this award.


  • Andrew Carnegie fellowships are open only to citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. 

Award Background:

  • Award Amount: $200,000 over 1 or 2 years
  • Number of Awards: Up to 35
  • Number of UMass Amherst Nominees: 2
  • Successful proposals will fall within the realm of the following topics. More detailed descriptions of these topics can be found here
    • Global connections and global ruptures
    • Strengthening U.S. democracy and exploring new narratives
    • Environments, natural and human
    • Technological and cultural creativity-potential and perils
  • Fellowships may be used to support such expenses as salary, fringe benefits, project-related travel, research assistants, and translators. 
  • Directory of Past Awardees - We strongly recommend reviewing past awards to determine competitiveness.

Internal Application Process

The internal selection process will be led by a committee composed of the deans of internal applicants' respective schools and colleges or their designees and, if necessary, the Provost, Vice Chancellor for Research Engagement, or faculty with relevant expertise, and will be informed by the grant programs' guidelines and submission requirements.

If you are interested in applying to this program please email a pre-proposal with the following items in a single PDF by October 18 to

  • A one-page summary of your project, including a work plan and approximate timeline
  • Curriculum Vitae
Additional Information
For additional information, visit the program's website. If you have technical questions about the grant program or your eligibility, please contact Marco Monoc or Liz Smith in Foundation Relations.