From the Vice Chancellor

We are excited to issue this report highlighting some of our recent advances in research and scholarship, both of which are critical to our mission and to our vision of what constitutes a Top 20 institution.

A key goal in our strategy is to establish UMass Amherst as a partner of choice in advancing and applying knowledge and innovation for the betterment of society. Some of these partnerships are on campus and bridge academic disciplines, such as in our new Institute of Diversity Sciences or the interdisciplinary UManage Center. Others are off campus and made in conjunction with institutions, communities, government, and industry such as the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative on photomechanical materials. This report focuses on just a few of these partnerships, along with the outstanding students and faculty that make them possible.

You can find more about our strategy by reading the campus strategic plan. Follow ResearchNext for updated information about UMass Amherst research.

Thank you for your interest and support, and Go UMass!

Michael F. Malone ’79PhD
Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement,
Ronnie and Eugene Isenberg Distinguished Professor of Engineering