Technology Transfer

Picture of researchers working on solar technology in front of a large solar grid

The Technology Transfer Office moves technologies from lab to commercially viable products, processes, and services. It licenses campus technology to corporate partners and supports the development of new businesses derived from UMass Amherst technology.

2020 Technology Transfer By The Numbers

  • 55 Invention disclosures
  • 25 New patent applications filed
  • 27 Patents issued
  • 10 License and option agreements executed
  • 3 Start-ups formed
  • $620,710 Total revenue

Technology Start-ups

Tumult Labs Unleashes the Power of Data While Guaranteeing Privacy

Gerome Miklau

Tumult Labs, Inc., co-founded by UMass Amherst’s Professor Gerome Miklau, Professor Ashwin Machanavajjhala of Duke University, and Professor Michael Hay of Colgate University, is building cutting-edge privacy technology that allows data to be used effectively while respecting and maintaining the privacy of the contributing individuals. Tumult’s solutions accomplish this through satisfying differential privacy. In differential privacy, specially-designed algorithms add noise to data in such a way that the sensitive information of individuals within the dataset is protected. This occurs while maintaining enough accuracy in the modified dataset so that decision makers can still rely on it to make data-driven decisions.

This year, the TTO exclusively licensed to Tumult some of its core software technologies. Tumult is currently assisting multiple U.S. government agencies in safely releasing privacy sensitive data.

Technology Transfer Office

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