Data and Computational Sciences

We live in an age of ubiquitous data. Vast amounts are produced each day from sources as diverse as online interactions among people, wearable health monitors, and sensor networks measuring weather and traffic. Tools for data science and students trained to wield and extend those tools are in high demand because these techniques have the power to increase productivity, develop insights into patterns of human behavior, transform existing business practices, and spawn new industries.

Our campus’s approach to data and computational sciences is interdisciplinary: faculty members from disciplines as varied as physics, journalism, political science, and public health work in data science–related research. Our commitment to data and computational sciences research and education runs deep: at least 17 research groups and laboratories affiliated with our College of Information and Computer Sciences focus on various facets of data and computational sciences. The campus’s Computational Social Science Institute is a diverse, interdisciplinary community using computational models and methods to help us understand the social world. With its 75 faculty affiliates in 26 departments across campus, it is the largest, most diverse academic institute of its kind.