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The Raymond J. Lord Collection of Historical Combat Treatises and Fencing Manuals

About the Collection

The Raymond J. Lord Collection is a digital archive of historical combat treatises and fencing manuals dating primarily from the Renaissance. These resources are provided free of charge to the public in order to aid both scholars and practitioners in their research.

Within the Collection below you will find a list of currently available items. These are arranged chronologically with author, title and date. Each entry is a link to a PDF document which you may download or view in your browser (depending on your browser configuration). 

You may redistribute items from the Collection as long as they remain unaltered and you do not profit from their redistribution.

The Collection

Manciolino Opera Nova Icon Antonio Manciolino, Opera Nova...De l'armi d'ogni sorte, 1531 (5.62MB, pdf)
Morozzo Opera Nova Icon Achille Marozzo, Opera Nova, 1536 (14.5MB, pdf)
Von Auerswald Ringer Kunst Icon Fabian Von Auerswald, Ringer Kunst: fünff und achtzig..., 1539 (4.83MB, pdf)
Agrippa, Trattato di Scientia d'Arme Icon Camillo Agrippa, Trattato di Scientia d'Arme, 1553 (9.03MB, pdf)
Lebkommer Fechtbüch Icon Hans Lecküchner/Lebkommer, Fechtbüch, 1558 (4.99MB, pdf)
di Grassi Ragione Icon Giacomo di Grassi, Ragione di Adoprar sicuramente l'Arme, 1570 (13.5MB, pdf)
dall'Agocchie Dell'Arte Icon Giovanni dall'Agocchie, Dell'Arte Di Scrima Libri Tre, 1572 (9.21MB, pdf)
St. Didier Traicte Icon Henry de St. Didier, Traicte...sur l'Espee Seule, 1573 (6.29MB, pdf)
Viggiani Lo Schermo Icon Angelo Viggiani, Lo Schermo, 1575 (29.7MB, pdf)
Gunterrodt De Veris Principiis Artis Icon Henrici a Gunterrodt, De Veris Principiis Artis Dimicatoriae, 1579 (2.06MB, pdf)
Lovino TraiteIcon G.A. Lovino, Traite d'Escrime, 1580 (4.14MB, pdf)
Dudley Lawes and Ordinances Militarie Icon Robert Dudley, Lawes and Ordinances Militarie, 1586 (1.34MB, pdf)
Bourne The Arte of shooting Icon William Bourne, The Arte of shooting in great Ordnaunce, 1587 (4.14MB, pdf)
de Loque Discourses Icon Bertrand de Loque, Discourses of Warre, 1591 (4.06MB, pdf)
di Grassi His True Arte Icon Giacomo di Grassi, His True Arte of Defence, 1594 (7.1MB, pdf)
Saviolo His PractiseIcon Vincentio Saviolo, His Practise, in Two Books, 1595 (11.8MB, pdf)
Silver Paradoxes of Defence Icon George Silver, Paradoxes of Defence, 1599 (5.19MB, pdf)
Meyer Gründtliche Beschreibung Icon Joachim Meyer, Gründtliche Beschreibung...Fechtens, 1600 (37.4MB, pdf)
Segar  Honor Military Icon William Segar, Honor Military, and Civill, 1602 (16.5MB, pdf)
Fabris Lo Schermo Icon Salvator Fabris, Lo Schermo, overo Scienza d'Arme, 1606 (14.7MB, pdf)
Sutor Künstliches Fechtbüch Icon Jakob Sutor, Künstliches Fechtbüch..., 1612 (31.4MB, pdf)
Gent Private Schoole of Defence Icon G.H. Gent, Private Schoole of Defence..., 1614 (4.85MB, pdf)
Anon. Worke for Cutlers Icon Anon., Worke for Cutlers, or, a Merry Dialogue, 1615 (0.87MB, pdf)
Swetnam The Schoole of Defence Icon Joseph Swetnam, The Schoole of...Defence, 1617 (7.48MB, pdf)
Giganti Escrime nouvelle Icon Nicoletto Giganti, Escrime nouvelle, 1619 (6.98MB, pdf)
Alfieri L'Arte Di Ben Maneggiare Icon Francesco Alfieri, L'Arte Di Ben Maneggiare La Spada, 1653 (5.61MB, pdf)
Pallavicini La SchermaIcon Giuseppe Morsicato Pallavicini, La Scherma, 1670 (7.37MB, pdf)
Bruchius Grondige Icon Johannes Georgius Bruchius, Grondige...wapen-konste, 1671 (29.7MB, pdf)
Petter Klare Worstel-Kunst Icon Nicholaes Petter, Klare...Worstel-Kunst, 1674 (4.07MB, pdf)
Marcelli Regole Icon F. A. Marcelli, Regole della Scherma, 1686 (27MB, pdf)
de Liancour Le Maitre D'Arme Icon Le Sieur de Liancour, Le Maitre D'Armes, 1692 (7.4MB, pdf)
Godfrey A Treatise Upon Defence Icon John Godfrey, A Treatise Upon...Defence, 1747 (7.05MB, pdf)


Manciolino Opera Nova Icon Dr. Patri Pugliese, Parallels between Fencing and Dancing..., 2005 (5.75MB, pdf)
Morozzo Opera Nova Icon Dr. Patri Pugliese, Practice for the Duel, 2007 (19.3MB, pdf)
Berry Icon Dr. Walter Green, The Masters of Defence ca. 1530 to 1617, 2014 (292KB, pdf)

For questions about text or content, please contact Jeff Lord.