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Field Notes

Field Notes: A Premodernist Skill Share. An informal gathering of graduate students interested in sharing skills of their trade. Over the course of the year, across four sessions, Field Notes takes students through the full cycle of designing advanced research projects in the premodern humanities. The goal of our conversation is to share resources with one another and/or to offer tips of the trade. You are invited to speak very briefly (1-3 minutes) about a resource or research skill that has helped with the earliest stages of a project.


Digging (October 18th): How do we begin digging for a project? Where does research start?


Planting (November 7th): How do we establish a project? How do we move from research to writing?


Cultivation (January 30th): How do we grow and nourish a project? How do we talk about our work with others?


Propagation (March 12th): How do we promote and spread our project?


All Field Notes meetings begin at 4:00 pm.