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Amer-Asia: Object Lessons in Early Modern Connectivity — Symposium

Liz Horodowich (Professor of History, New Mexico State University) "Asia in the American Southwest: A Pair of Mexican Copper Bells"

Professor Horodowich's current research project – a monograph and website entitled Amerasia: A European Discovery in the First Global Age (co-authored with Alexander Nagel) – explores the myriad ways in which Europeans understood and represented America as Asia during the course of the sixteenth century.

Ximena Gómez (History of Art and Architecture, UMass) "Playing Out Casta on a Japanese Screen in Colonial Mexico"
Siyu Shen (History of Art and Architecture, UMass) "Japan in Mexico: The Fantasy World in Nicholás Correa's Enconchado"
George Qiao (Asian Languages and Civilizations, Amherst) "The Curious Case of the Ricci Map and Its Non-Impact in Early Modern China"

Monika Schmitter (History of Art and Architecture, UMass)
Jutta Sperling (History, Amherst)
Ximena Gómez (History of Art and Architecture, UMass)
Marjorie Rubright (English, UMass)