Donating Books & Collections

Donating Libraries and Scholarly Papers

The donated libraries of several scholars make up a large portion of the Center's collection. We welcome donations of book collections relevant to the Renaissance period (c.1400-1700). Our growing archival holdings of scholarly papers are also largely dependent on donation. If you are interested in donating a collection of books or papers on any aspect of the Renaissance period, contact the Librarian, Jeff Goodhind at ( ).

Donating Rare Books

Rare book holdings are another sector of our collection that benefit greatly from donation. Even if you don't own any rare books to donate, you can make a financial contribution that we will use for the purchase of rare books. With a donation of $200 or more, we will not only purchase a rare book with your contribution, but we will also send you information about the book and feature your donation in our biannual newsletter. With a donation under $200, we can purchase modern editions and monographs, also very important for the collection. Contact the Librarian, Jeff Goodhind ( ) for more information.

Donating Books

We will consider accepting unsolicited donations of non-rare books unassociated with a larger collection. We will only accept books relevant to the Renaissance period. We will not accept books that we already own.