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Raymond J. Lord Symposium on Historical European Martial Arts

The Kinney Renaissance Center hosts the annual Raymond J. Lord Symposium on historical European martial arts, a day-long event featuring presentations on martial traditions and their social contexts.  

April 30, 2023. Seventeenth Annual. Keynote: Tobias Capwell, former Curator of Arms and Armour at the Wallace Collection in London. Author of Armour of the English Knight 1450–1500, Arms and Armour of the Medieval Joust, and several other publications. 'Armed in Alabaster: Monumental Effigies and the Study of Armour' and, 'Festivals of Peace and War: Jousting in the Renaissance.' 

April 24, 2021. Sixteenth Annual. Keynotes: Arto Fama, 'From manuscript to movement, an approach to teaching Lichtenauers principles' and Vadim Senichev, 'Armoured dueling, interpretation of historical rulesets, and overall armoured HEMA community development'

April 27, 2019. Fifteenth Annual. Keynote: Ann Tlusty, Professor of History at Bucknell University and author of The Martial Ethic in Early Modern Germany: Civic Duty and the Right of Arms, and Bacchus and Civic Order: The Culture of Drink in Early Modern Germany.