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While the following sites are not "endorsed" by the Association, they are widely recognized sites and should prove useful for further inquiry.

Research Sites

  • Schielhau.org – An online translation project of various historical treatises, including Meyer, by Mike Rasmussen.
  • Journal of Western Martial Arts – A WMA e-journal.
  • myArmoury – An site with extensive galleries of weapons and armor, but also many articles regarding swords and collecting, and hands-on reviews of reproduction blades.
  • The Armour Archive – Various essays on the making of maille, and some discussion forums covering a range of topics, including WMA.
  • De Re Militari – The Society for Medieval Military History, with its own online journal, book reviews, bibliography, etc.
  • Maciejowski Bible – Illuminations depicting Biblical events as though taking place in the middle ages.
  • Internet Medieval Sourcebook – Repository for public domain texts from the Middle Ages.

Other WMA Groups

  • Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts – A large WMA group based in Canada with a very regularized training regime. Their web-page has an extensive collection of manuals, in various languages, practice videos, and historical documents, including the entirety of the Bayeaux Tapestry.
  • The Association of Renaissance Martial Arts – A nationwide HEMA group, based in Houston, Texas. Their site has a large collection of manual scans, a (fairly technical) discussion forum and articles on HEMA.
  • Chicago Swordplay Guild – Extensive glossary of medieval terms and many links to online texts and weapon distributers.
  • The Exiles – Various resources, including manuals, videos and articles.

Discussion Fora

  • Sword Forum International – Undoubtedly the largest discussion board of WMA (and some other related topics) on the web. They used to be an online sword/WMA magazine, which was very good, and the old issues are still available.


  • Purpleheart Armoury – Makers of good quality wasters (wooden training swords).
  • Arms & Armor – Makers of high-quality reproduction blades.
  • Albion Armorers – Del Tin distributor. They also make scabbards, aluminum practice blades, and sell the works of some noteworthy smiths.
  • Kris Cutlery - Primarily they make eastern blades, but do also have a line of relatively functional (if not pretty) Medieval swords.