Synchronous Status - View/Update

The Synchronous Status indicates if remote classes are taught with meetings at the same time as the class times listed in SPIRE.  The status will be either Required or Optional.  Instructors cannot update the synchronous status. If you believe the synchronous status is incorrect, please contact your department’s Schedule Representative.

1. In SPIRE, navigate to Main Menu > Course Maintenance > Schedule of Classes > Class Overview/Textbooks and enter class information.

2.  Use the Class Overview section to publish text containing a brief overview of the course, and departments are encouraged to include further information regarding the class such as class meeting arrangements.  This text will appear on the Class Detail page in the Schedule of Classes.

Class Overview Text box

3. Update the Synchronous status drop down to Synchronous - Optional or Synchronous - Required.  Classes that are fully remote with start time of 12:00AM OR 1:00AM are defaulted to Synchronous - Optional.  Definitions of each are below:

Synchronous Optional or Synchronous Required


Once the status is selected and saved, the following text is inserted in the Class Overview Section: ” This remote class has required/optional synchronous meetings.”

If a class has a synchronous status - optional, the status must be changed by the University Registrar's Office.  Users will receive the following message when attempting to change the status from optional to required.  Contact Course & Classroom Management with any questions.

Cannot change synchronous status message


To view the synchronous status of your classes, navigate to Main Menu > Course Maintenance > CAPS > CAPS Queries and select the term, subject, campus and the Classes & Class Attributes button.  Then click Run Selected Query to view your list.

CAPS Queries