Drop Classes – W or DR grade

After the add/drop period has ended but before the mid-semester date, students (UGrad, Grad, CPE) can log into SPIRE to drop a class. A grade of “W” for undergraduate students or "DR" for graduate students will be assigned to the class and this will appear on the student’s transcript.

In your SPIRE Student Center, go to Manage Classes Tile > Add, Drop & Edit Classes > W/DR grade (after Add/Drop)

You will see a page with your classes listed. Below is an example of what an undergraduate student will see. This page looks slightly different for graduate students.

W Drop Page-Classes

In order to drop a class, click on “Drop” and you will receive this prompt:

W Drop Message

Click on “yes” if you would like to drop the class. Example of page when W drop completed successfully.


If you want to drop a class that will change your status to Part Time, you will receive this message:

W Drop Change Status Message

And then this message:
W Drop Confirm Change of Status

You cannot drop your last class, this includes Ugrad, Grad, CPE. You see the following message if you are enrolled in only one class.
W Drop Last Class
If it is not the W/DR Drop period, here is an example of what an undergraduate student will see:
W Drop Not Eligible to Drop Message

International Students

International Students cannot use W drop in SPIRE if they are full time and dropping the class will make them part time. They see the following message after clicking on “Drop”:
W Drop International Change of Status Message