Pass/Fail Option

Pass/Fail Grading Policy for Fall 2020

Elective Pass/Fail changes for Spring 2020

Undergraduate students may elect the Pass/Fail option before the mid-semester date for one course only. No General Education requirements will be fulfilled with courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis. Details regarding use of this option may be found in the Academic Regulations handbook

During Add/Drop:  When you add your classes include the Pass/Fail option via SPIRE - Edit Classes.

After add/drop ends: To elect Pass/Fail or Revoke Pass/Fail click the down arrow on the Other Academic drop-down list to the left of your Class Schedule on the Student Center.

After mid-semester date:  If you wish to appeal for a late pass/fail after the mid-semester date, you can only do so if you have significant and well documented extenuating circumstances for your academic dean to consider approval or denial.

Revoke Pass/Fail:  At any time prior to graduation you may revoke the Pass/Fail option following the directions above.